We published a paper on Visualising Mental Health

One of my passion projects is Visualising Mental Health.

We give 3rd Year Communication Design students at the University of South Australia mental health concepts and get them to develop novel prototypes (campaigns, products, programs, objects, installations etc) inspired by those concepts.

It has been running since 2016 as a core training/assessment component for those 3rd Year students.

Along the way the team has wanted to publish on the process because we think it is a unique one. But the paper kept getting put on the back burner.

Thanks to the motivating and organising efforts of author Alex, we finally overcame that!

We published in Design for Health.

The publication gives the history of the project, how it is run, exemplar prototypes and discusses how this process could be expanded to be an incubator for larger mental health promotion work.

If you are interested in either mental health promotion or communication design, this might be in your wheelhouse.


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