Hi there!

My name is Gareth. I am a psychologist working in the area of mental health promotion in South Australia. I use the photo below because the camera added some serious smoothing. So young looking!!

I have a variety of projects and responsibilities in the mental health space and personal projects as well.

This website is a place to access information about those projects and responsibilities. Use the navigation above or the links below to navigate to the different sections. Scroll to the bottom to find my social media links.

You may decide that some of them sound interesting and want to explore further. I’ve provided necessary links and contact details if that is the case.

I am also using this site as a regular blog, kinda like a learning diary of what I discover along the way of doing the things I do. The reflections are mental health focused, so if that sounds interesting to you, feel free to subscribe or check in occasionally.

Thanks for visiting and take care of yourself and others.

My roles, responsibilities and projects