Projects, roles and responsibilities

I lead a multi-project lifestyle, meaning I always have work and personal projects on the go.

I’m not sure how else to live 😊

The project list below isn’t comprehensive but it captures what I spend the bulk of my time doing (at the moment) and the included activities are those that are most important to me.

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My Day Job – I work at Flinders University in a mental health promotion role. I teach, develop and deliver courses/ programs/ services, write, conduct research, and deliver campaigns all with a focus on mental health, wellbeing and productivity. I do this with the hope that I can share with students knowledge, skills, tools and resources they can use to build better lives – personally and professionally.

Psychology and Health Forum – I co-manage an online community for mental health professionals in South Australia. Running since 2004, the goal of the PHF has always been to provide mental health professionals (of all different disciplines) a place to share and learn.

Be Well Plan Facilitator and Trainer – I am a trainer of the Be Well Plan, which is an evidence-based mental health and resilience program developed by Be Well Co. In addition to delivering the program, I am also involved in training others to deliver the program (i.e. train the trainer).

Visualising Mental Health – I work with communication design lecturers, academics and students at the University of South Australia to develop novels ways of promoting mental health. It is a chance to think beyond traditional methods of communication used by psychologists and explore apps, toys, games, events, clothes, services and more.

The Good Vibes Experiment – I got to work with a talented team to develop a mental health focused campaign for rollout at Flinders University (my day job). The campaign seeks to teach people about different ways they can build positive mental health.

CPD Workbook – I co-wrote a workbook for Australian psychologists to help keep track of their professional development. We sell that workbook Australia wide and use the proceeds to buy pizza.

Digital CPD Record for Australian Psychologists – Building on from the CPD Workbook, I wrote a guide for Australian psychologists on how to create a digital/virtual learning journal. This reflects my interest in how we as professionals can accelerate our learning through writing.

In the Garden – I like plants and showcase some of my successes through Instagram.

Art – I sometimes draw.