Projects, roles and responsibilities

I lead a multi-project lifestyle, meaning I always have work and personal projects on the go.

I’m not sure how else to live šŸ˜Š

The list below isn’t comprehensive but it captures what I spend the bulk of my time doing (at the moment). I’m generally good at sustaining projects over time, but there is some natural ebb and flow/ start and stop.

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My Day Job – I work at Flinders University in a mental health promotion role.

Psychology and Health Forum – I co-manage an online community for mental health professionals in South Australia.

Visualising Mental Health – I work with UniSA on a teaching project at the intersection of psychology and communication design

CPD Workbook – I co-wrote a workbook for Australian psychologists to help keep track of their professional development

Digital CPD Record for Australian Psychologists – I wrote a guide for Australian psychologists on how to create a digital/virtual learning journal.

Mini Guide to Mental Fitness – I am writing a brief guide on the topic of mental fitness.

In the Garden – I like plants

Art – I sometimes draw.