A few changes to my website

I’m sitting here on Xmas eve, doing some work.

This may indicate a failure of my ability to ‘have a holiday’ but I’m relaxed and enjoying the process, so I’ll take the win.

I’ve made a few updates to my website, mostly in terms of clarifying my core projects and and updating links.

The homepage now links to 6 core projects/responsibilities with a psychology focus and 2 personal projects.

One has been removed, that is my role as a committee member of the Australian Psychological Society – SA Branch. I served for 4 years on that committee and used the fact that a number of members were leaving as a natural end-point. It meant that the incoming committee gets a chance to start fresh.

One project has been modified – Mini Guide to Mental Fitness – reflecting a change in perspective on that project. I had set myself the goal of writing a long-form book on the topic, but time pressures and a sense of ‘not having a book’s worth of stuff to say’ on the topic changed my mind. I’ve not abandoned it though and am instead creating a mini guide that will be published on Google Docs for a general audience. A less ambitious project for me and hopefully an easier read for everyone else.

One project is new – Digital CPD Record for Australian Psychologists. I used the first few days of my holiday break to finally lay out my personal method for recording my compulsory continuing professional development. I am sharing it with other Australian Psychologists who might be interested in refining how they record their ongoing learning. Version 1 is up and I will keep refining it as my own method matures and I start delving a little more into learning theory.

The end of year is a good time for reflection on personal and professional projects. Some things get cut, some things get refreshed, some things are launched. It is the natural ebb and flow of a project-based lifestyle.

What changes do you see happening to your own professional and personal projects in 2022?

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