See me interviewed

I was very fortunate recently to be interviewed as part of a podcast series set up by a friend and her colleague.

They had, relatively recently, finished their PhDs and they were interested in the different pathways people take after a PhD.

Drawing on their professional network, they pulled together a diverse range of academically oriented professionals and interviewed, in a giant day of interviews, a bunch of people about their career paths.

They are publishing the interviews incrementally on their site ‘Career Sessions‘.

I was the first ‘cab off the rank’ on the day, and as it turns out the first interview to be published.

You can watch on the Career Sessions website, or via the YouTube link below. I talk about my current work in student wellbeing, the strange pathway to my current work and a few other things. I don’t think I swear as much as I do in everyday life.

A big thanks to Stephane Champion and Tamara Agnew for the opportunity. I’m just glad I had recently had a haircut on the day of filming.

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