Chapter 6 of my book is up

I can’t say the writing process is as easy or fast as I would like, but let’s face it, that was kinda predictable.

That being said, content is being developed and added slowly.

I recently posted Chapter 6 to the website. It covers the many areas (16 in total) of one’s life where you could make improvements.

Here’s a quick list for those not interested in delving into the chapter yet.

  • knowledge about self-improvement
  • advanced study skills/ learning
  • mastering emotions
  • caring for your body
  • thinking effectively
  • building positive relationships
  • helping others
  • self-awareness and understanding
  • meaning and purpose
  • maintaining personal safety
  • shaping your environment
  • work skills
  • financial control
  • unwinding and having fun
  • presenting oneself
  • creativity/imagination

So yeah, this is a lot of areas, but I am trying to encapsulate the entirety of a person’s life so 16 seems quite small in that context.

The number of areas is not intended to paralyze someone with choice, but rather illustrate that personal self-improvement can happen across a diverse range of areas. The challenge for an individual in this chapter is picking where in their life to start first. Hopefully, their ponderings from Chapter 5 (Purpose) will help.

Shaping my environment and financial control were two areas that I worked on quite a bit that have had positive wellbeing impacts. So the pathway to psychological wellbeing doesn’t necessarily involve a focus on emotions/feelings/thinking. It might be a financial advisor or a house organiser that has the biggest impact on your wellbeing, not a psychologist.

Let’s face it, the fewer psychologists you have in your life, the better.

Please enjoy 🙂

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