Chapter 4 of the book is up

Chapter 4 of my mental fitness/self-improvement book is up.

In it I outline the 7 things I think you should know about self-improvement: purpose, principles, psychological/physical capacities, process, problems, personal plan, personal philosophy.

Given that I managed to get everything started with ‘P’ – I’ve called it the 7P’s. Not exactly the most imaginative name, but it gets the job done.

I go into each of these areas briefly as an introduction, before then dedicating a chapter to each.

Chapter 4 represents me finally getting into the mechanics of self-improvement, after the first 3 chapters which have been setting the scene.

I’m looking forward to breaking each of these areas down in their own chapters.

The subsequent chapters will be a little different from the first 4 in that I will be posing more questions and recommending specific self-reflection exercises, so you can start building your own self-improvement plan. Rather than me just writing, you’ll be encouraged to do some writing and thinking of your own.

This is because I can only give you the signposts on your way to self-improvement. You’ll have to be the one that works out what to improve and why.

I’ve been pleased so far with my momentum in writing the book. I am working on it most days and am finding the writing process relatively easy. That being said, I am about to enter into the most challenging part of the book now, where I have a lot of things to say, but need to find precise and efficient ways to say it.

Fingers crossed!.

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