First draft of Chapter 2 is published

Ok – I’m getting a little momentum now.

I published a first draft of Chapter 1 of my book on mental fitness/ self-improvement in early October.

Today I put up the first draft of Chapter 2.

Again, although I call these chapters, they are relatively short. I am not interested in writing a hugely dense treatise on self-improvement. I want to get some basic ideas out there quickly.

In Chapter 2 I address the question ‘what is mental fitness?’ and then go on to explain how I think self-improvement is a kind of mental fitness training.

I think my logic is relatively sound, but because it is has been sitting in my head for so long, it just feels familiar. Hence it is important to put these ideas out into the public sphere.

So, please enjoy.

To get a sense of the structure of the full book, visit my book index page. For my ongoing reflections as I write the book, visit the blog page.

I don’t actually wear shirts

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