First draft of Chapter 1 is published

The process has started!

My goal with this website is to publish, chapter-by-chapter a book on self-improvement and self-development.

It is a daunting but exciting task.

Writing so publicly in this way challenges a core personal belief of mine that my work must be of the highest quality before I release it to anyone.

A commitment to quality is a good thing, but it often stalls me, as I never reach a point where I think something is ‘good enough’ to release.

With this site I am challenging that idea.

So the first Chapter of my book has been published. It isn’t long. It covers a bit about me, my goals with the book and what the book is going to be about.

I call it a draft. I know I will make changes and refinements to it over time, but I think it is ‘good enough’ for release.


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