Psychology and Health Forum

The Psychology and Health Forum (PHF) is a private member-only forum for mental health professionals in South Australia.

It has been running since 2004 and was set up by myself and two friends/students at the time (Hi Anna and Jess!)

The forum is currently managed by myself and Dr Jodie Harris.

The forum is open to any health/mental health professional (or student) who is working in mental health or social services in South Australia. This includes psychology, social work, occupational therapy, speech pathology, psychiatry, nursing, GP and more. If you work in the mental health space here in South Australia (clinical, project, research, teaching, administrative) you are welcome to join.

Membership is free and there are no ongoing costs. We do charge a small fee for some of our group events, but this is just to cover website costs or to provide donations to relevant mental health charities.

Members of the forum get access to discussion forums, a training calendar, file sharing, blog posts, book recommendations and a member referral directory. We provide regular low-cost professional development activities including book clubs, video nights, and networking evenings.

The PHF website is a place for members to have conversations about training opportunities, clinical resources, jobs, supervision, research, referrals, practice issues and much more. Members can post events to the training calendar and promote their own practices and work and products and services.

The forum is built on Invision Community Software and we have a fantastic developer Esther from Headstand Consulting who assists us with the technical aspects of running the site. I can thoroughly recommend her if you are running a site using this software.

If you are working in the mental health/social services space in South Australia and are not already a member, please consider signing up. Registration is via this link.

If you are a company, individual, organisation interested in reaching out to mental health professionals in South Australia, please consider contacting me in relation to promoting on the site. Our membership is now over 3000, so we provide a good cross-section of professionals working in the space.

Contact me regarding PHF stuff at gareth [dot] furber [at] gmail [dot] com