Mini Guide to Mental Fitness

I first heard the term ‘mental fitness’ in a Sam Harris podcast back in 2017 sometime. At that point I became interested in the idea of training one’s mind.

I’ve been pondering the concept for a while and teaching/talking about it with students as part of my role at Flinders University. I got so interested in it for a while that I intended to write a book on the topic.

As I dug in further though, I realised that I didn’t have a huge amount to say on the topic. Whilst, I think it is a valuable frame to put around the discussion of how we keep our mind’s healthy and happy, I don’t have a full book’s worth of stuff to say about it.

So I am focused instead on writing a ‘mini guide’ and sharing that publicly. You can see the guide taking shape over at this Google Doc, and in fact, that is where I will share the final version when it is ready.

Although the mini guide is very much a ‘work in progress’, I do have a Mental Fitness workshop that I teach to students at Flinders and a handout that covers the main points. You are welcome to read the handout 🙂 It has the dubious distinction of having the worst cover page in history.